Kitchen Face-Lift

It has been a little quiet on the blogging front this week. I have been constantly thinking about my blog, as I always do, but the actually recipe creating, picture taking, writing, posting, sharing portions of the blog have been virtually non-existant. You see, cooking becomes a little challenging without countertops to hold my precious kitchen belongings.

The original kitchen:


This project started with a long list in the beginning of January. Our current home is new construction but we were limited by the builder in some regards and have been craving that get-your-hands-dirty feeling that comes from personalizing the space. On New Years Day we made a list of all the projects we planned to accomplish during 2014 with their corresponding desired budgets. The kitchen was naturally the main priority; that is where we spend quality time catching up on our day, making meals together, and blogging of course! On the list: donate the laminate countertops and replace with stone, add a new sink/faucet, DIY backsplash, and perhaps adding some decorative knobs (if I can ever find ones to fall in love with).

A work in progress: I cannot take credit for detaching the old countertops; that was all my husband. I did help carry them to the garage, however. The small pieces anyway…I have small muscles. I suppose I’m a work in progress too!


My husband and I have a track record with home renovations. Right after college we bought a “fixer-upper” you could say, and replaced darn near everything in it from top to bottom (minus the whole sledge hammering through walls bit). Then we sold it. We put our hearts into that condo and learned to work together as a team in a way that we had not been challenged in our relationship to do yet. We learned to communicate better and take each other’s opinions into account in order to work together toward a common goal. We would step back after each project, no matter how small, and smile with a sense of accomplishment and know we were in this together. We were building our life as a married couple but also growing closer in our friendship. Often there are words of caution toward couples warning them about renovations, they say it strains your marriage, but for us I truly believe it brought us closer. (Not to say we lacked negotiating and convincing at times!)


After a short time with bare cabinets the new countertops were installed and I am so happy with them! We chose Sensa granite in Silver Silk. The space looks bright, modern, beautiful, and completely inviting. We decided not to do a “backsplash” with the granite and instead install a tile backsplash of our own. The granite slab goes straight to the wall for a clean look which I love, but as a result we have a completely unintentional stretch of unfinished drywall that stands out like a sore thumb…but not for long! 


The new sink is my husband’s cup of tea and fits the modern, sleek look of the kitchen beautifully. It is industrial and I love that it can withstand all of the wear and tear that we give our kitchen.


Kudos to him for installation of the sink and new faucet (after a long day of work followed by graduate class I might add…he’s awesome). His hard work ethic, ability to keep his cool in a stressful situation, and ability to problem solve are just a couple more reasons why I think he’s the bees knees. Plus, it always helps when DIY saves money! :)

My favorite part: The island where all lunch prep, meal prep, rolling of the pizza dough, and serving happen!


Current “final product”:



The backsplash tiles are ordered and will tentatively be installed during spring break (fingers crossed). I am excited to see the vision that we have been carefully planning for the past 6 months come together. And I am looking forward to all the future projects we plan to tackle. I will keep you updated on the progress! 

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