Classic Deli Egg Salad

Easter has come and gone and left us with containers of leftovers. Leftovers are awesome; sometimes I wonder if I like them more than the holiday meal itself! Speaking of leftovers, I bet you have a bowl of beautifully decorated hard boiled eggs in your refrigerator. Perhaps you looked forward to decorating them so much that you made too many…it happens. On a quick side note: how and when did eggs become associated with Easter? What is the meaning behind all of this? Inquiring minds want to know… This year I didn’t decorate eggs, but I did make a bowl of them to share my secrets to the perfectly hard boiled egg.  They are a great snack by themselves but sometimes you want to dress them up a little. Cue egg salad…

My memories of egg salad date waaay back (okay, so maybe the 90’s) to a time when it was often on the lunch or dinner menu. Fast forward slightly to many, many lunches with my girlfriends at a local bagel shop where my order would always be egg salad on wheat bread with ice tea. Every. single. time. Quite honestly that is still my order and I don’t plan on changing anytime soon! Egg salad is comfort food to me; its simple, satisfying, and delicious.

This recipe does not reinvent the wheel. It won’t blow your mind with a new technique or trick or ingredient. It is the classic egg salad that your grandma and mom made, and as much as I like to put a spin on recipes, some things are just perfect the way they are. When a craving strikes this is my go-to recipe.


  • 5 hard boiled eggs
  • 1/4 c. mayonnaise
  • 1 tsp mustard (yellow mustard or dijon)
  • salt/pepper to taste

Start with a batch of the perfect hard boiled eggs.


Peel hard boiled eggs from the shell and rinse quickly under cold water. Nothing ruins egg salad more than biting into even the tiniest piece of shell! The water will wash away any traces of shell that remain.


Dice the eggs into small pieces and place in a medium mixing bowl.


Add mayo, mustard, and a little bit of salt and pepper.


Mix well until every little piece of egg is coated in the dressing. The traditional way to serve egg salad is on bread and sliced on a diagonal.


I was very hungry when I got home from work today and scooped up the egg salad with blue tortilla chips. Lettuce wraps would be wonderful too. Use whatever floats your boat! Enjoy!

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