Spring Bucket List 2014

I think I am settling into Spring quite nicely. In Michigan you never quite know how long it will last before the suffocating heat of Summer sets in. Sweating is not my favorite. TMI? Sorry. The Spring bucket list is in full effect, and I have happily checked quite a few items off so far…


The tulips are in full bloom in front of the house! Tulips make me indescribably happy and apparently I am not the only one; several neighbors have commented on their beauty too. Planting bulbs originally a consolation project when we moved in last Fall; we were not in a place to fully landscape but I craved some type of signature to make the house feel less like new construction and more like home. After the treacherous winter, and 90 inches of snow, I had doubts the tulips would bloom but, much to my surprise, they started poking out of the mulch like clockwork. The bright colors make me smile and I hope they stick around for awhile longer.


We have eaten dinner on the patio not once, not twice, but THREE times so far this Spring. Eating outside has to be one of my favorite things; the conversations are better, everyone is relaxed, the fresh air cannot be beat, and dare I say the food tastes better? I used my birthday gift cards to purchase a picnic table and umbrella for the patio last weekend and see many, many more al fresco meals in my future.


The Farmer’s Market is finally boasting some beauitful seasonal produce: my shopping bag included rhubarb, scallions, ASPARAGUS (yes, I really am that excited), parsley, and quite a few seedling plants. I didn’t expect to begin planting my garden so soon, it was supposed to be my weekend of relaxation, but I couldn’t bear the thought of someone else snatching up all the herb plants and missing out next weekend. So, planting it was. It often seems like projects such as these snowball…particularly after a trip to Lowe’s for “supplies” where a nice elderly man in a scooter convinced me to purchase a neon pink patio planter. In the end we ended up landscaping the front of our house as well; lavender bushes and a small tree behind our tulips. In hindsight this was a good decision as it has rained everyday since and plans to continue for a few more days!

Remaining on my bucket list are planting several varieties of tomatoes and some additional herbs. As if my 12 basil starter plants are not enough (pesto recipe coming soon, ha!). I would also like to dust off my bike and take some rides around our neighborhood and local metro park. Its my dream to attach a basket to the front of my bike so Lola can peek out and enjoy the wind in her face; let’s hope she is as excited as I am about the whole situation.


It seems that each season comes and goes too quickly and I’m left wondering where all the time went. My goal this year is to slow down and enjoy the small moments, worry less and smile more, and savor each weekend with the people I love most. What’s on your Spring bucket list?

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