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Well, here she is…right as I left her. It seems like I should acknowledge the fact that my last blog post was on May 15th and it is, in fact, now July. But, truth be told, I haven’t been thinking of this space or feeling guilty for leaving it neglected in its corner of the Internet. In fact, I haven’t done much cooking at all for the past two months which is not only out of character for me, but may be a bit shocking for those who know me well.


My mind has been consumed with other thoughts and plans…a lot has happened since I hung up my blogging boots. The first, and biggest, event was discovering a new addition to the family. My husband and I are expecting our first child and couldn’t be happier! Cue the nausea, vomiting, general feel-like-I’m-gonna-die tiredness that we call the first trimester. For the first few weeks it seemed I could barely peel myself off the couch. Then I had an all-around aversion to the smell, sight, or thought of the kitchen. Thank goodness for take-out, bagels, and a husband to take care of me. I am, thankfully, feeling much better and slowly regaining my motivation to cook. 


The second big event was bringing a new puppy into our lives. I know what you are thinking…we may be slightly crazy, and yes, I did just tell you we are expecting a baby. But it was fate. And you just can’t argue with fate. Little miss Delilah shares my birthday, is absolutely positively adorable, sweet, and playful. After one snuggle and puppy kiss we knew she was meant for us. So far she is fitting into our family wonderfully and makes me smile everyday. Also, potty training is going pretty well, thank goodness!

As I am slowly dusting off my pots and pans and getting back into the kitchen experimenting; I hope to bring new recipes and stories to this space. Thanks for sticking out this rough patch with me. I completely missed asparagus season but look forward to sharing recipes featuring all the Summer produce that is beginning to emerge! Talk soon! :)

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